Montreal West

Located on the boundary between Montréal and Montreaal West this station sports three tracks and a station building to the south of the tracks. While at one time there was a fourth track this was removed some time ago and the switch between it and the main line were moved west of the station and grade crossing at Westminster. This track is used for the service to Delson. The northernmost track is used for the service to Blainville.

The tower to the west of the Westminster grade crossing once controlled the various switches and crossovers in the vicinity of the station as well as the crossing gates at both Westminster and Elmhurst but has since been purchased by the City of Montreal West for use as a museum and offices for a local newspaper.

Since the station is situated just east of the point where the Vaudreuil Subdivision passes over the Adirondack Subdivision. Montreal West was the first station where passenger trains from the United States would stop. The tracks to the north and south of the two main line tracks of the Westmount and/or Vaudreuil Subdivisions at, and just west of, the station are the lead tracks heading toward the north and south junctions with the Adirondack Subdivision.

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