CP Adirondack Subdivision

The Adirondack Subdivision runs between St-Jean and Outremont. This subdivision joins or crosses the Lacolle, Vaudreuil, Farnham Connection, and St. Luc Branch Subdivisions, the Quebec Southern and Canadian National Railways and the Seaway, South Bank Branch, and Outremont Spurs.

Radio communications south of Adirondack Jct. are done on CP channel 7 (161.535 MHz) north of Adirondack Jct. on CP channel 4 (161.115 MHz) as the road channel, and on CP channel 11 (160.845 MHz) as the utility and PBX channel.

MileStation NameComment
20.00 St-Jean Junction with Quebec Southern and Canadian National Railways
20.84 Crossing of CN
27.60 Desnoyers
35.00 Delson Junction with the Lacolle Subdivision
35.02 Crossing of CN
38.38 Seaway Spur (runs 2.3 miles east)
40.70 Adirondack Jct.
41.40 Seaway
42.40 Lasalle South Bank Branch Spur
44.39 South Jct. Connection to Vaudreuil Subdivision
44.50 North Jct. Junction with Farnham Connection Subdivision
45.40 St. Luc Jct. Junction with St. Luc Branch Subdivision
46.90 Hampstead
49.30 Outremont Outremont Spur (runs 6.4 miles south)

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