CP Vaudreuil Subdivision

The Vaudreuil Subdivision continues west from Montreal West and continues as far west as Dorion. This subdivision joins or crosses the Adirondack, St. Luc Branch, Winchester and M&O; Subdivisions.

Radio communications east of Dorval are done on CP channel 4 (161.115 MHz) west of Dorval on CP channel 7 (161.535 MHz) as the road channel, and on CP channel 145 (160.875 MHz) east of Dorval and on CP channel 11 (160.845 MHz) west of Dorval as the utility and PBX channel.

MileStation NameComment
0.00 Montreal West Junction with South Jct. and North Jct. leads
0.04 Road crossing at grade - Westminster Ave.
1.40 Sortin Sortin Yard
2.20 Ballantyne Junction with St. Luc Branch Subdivision
2.90 Lachine IMS Crossover and Wye
3.12 Lachine Intermodal Spur (runs 1.8 miles north)
3.30 Lachine Lachine Industrial Spur (wye)
4.90 Dorval
6.00 Pine Beach
7.30 Valois
7.80 Pointe-Claire
8.70 Cedar Park
9.90 Crossover
10.20 Beaconsfield
12.10 Beaurepaire
12.40 Eastbound hot box detector
12.50 Westbound hot box detector
13.15 Baie d'Urfe spur switch
13.80 Baie d'Urfe
15.60 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Crossover
16.80 Ile Perrot
18.20 Pincourt
18.90 Dorion Junction with Winchester and M&O; Subdivisions

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