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The primary role of YUL Bus Charters is to offer exceptional fan trips in the Greater Montreal Area. Using highly desirable buses, historic routes are planned with the appropriate maps and by consulting knowledgeable sources. Care is taken to drive the charter's itinerary beforehand in order to plot accessible photo locations with proper sun angles. Whenever possible, garage visits are organized, and promotional materials are offered.


YUL Bus Charters is motivated to promote legitimacy to the transit photography hobby through the organization of fan charters. Although aware of the ramifications of transit and terrorism in the post 9/11 world, most bus fans are nevertheless harassed by overzealous operators and security agents that are ill-informed on the concept of people liking transit and wanting to take pictures of it. Transit authorities become aware of their fan base when charters are organized, and are then quite willing to co-operate and provide photo opportunities not normally available. With time, relations between transit authorities and bus enthusiasts becomes very cordial once the transit authorities are acquainted with transit enthusiasts through the planning and organization of charters.


It is in the interest of YUL Bus Charters to become Montreal's premier fan charter organization based on offering the best value for money. Essentially, this means that many photo opportunities are planned during the charter's itinerary. However, this also means that minimal time is allocated for breaks since charters are charged based on an hourly rate. In return for participation and support, YUL Bus Charters does its utmost to provide maps and facility tours whenever possible.

Furthermore, YUL Bus Charters uses any profits whatsoever to be carried over towards the planning of the next charter and the cost of the next charter. Upon request, we offer information on revenues and expenditure in an effort to demonstrate our transparency. Annual reports may be offered when the future of YUL Bus Charters is secure.

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