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Nolis� Improvis� 2009 Improv Charter


In early November 2009, Montreal was the host city for the Canadian Urban Transit Association's Fall Convention. Always of great interest to the transit enthusiast community is the trade show Trans-Expo, which attracts a great deal of professionals in the industry. Upon learning that several transit enthusiasts from the Greater Toronto Area would be in town, YUL Bus Charters felt that it would be wise to welcome our guests and friends by offering a short three-hour long bus fan charter with a vehicle of the R�seau de transport de Longueuil. However, time is always a factor in planning charters and therefore a decision was made to offer a new, different, and more fun type of activity compared to our usually exhaustively researched and planned activities. With the help of our friend Tristan Roy who as usual volunteered his time to operate for us, we hosted our first Improv Charter featuring the 1989 MCI Classic 9-030.

Our charter began and ended at M�tro Papineau on Sunday 8 November (our mandate is to start and end our charters with the RTL at each transfer point with the Soci�t� de transport de Montr�al). It was decided to start at M�tro Papineau in honour of route 170, now the only bus route to cross the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. We had clear skies and uncharacteristic warm weather, and all of our photo stops offered perfect photo opportunities. Our charter was principally held in Brossard, and the charter's last stops were in Saint-Hubert, including at the RTL garage. Everybody enjoyed taking photos of the retired Classics at the end of the yard. In the weeks that followed, those vehicles were towed to a scrap yard east of Quebec City.

Special thanks go out to Claire Bergevin, Daniel Poirier, and Tristan Roy of the RTL for ensuring the success of this event. We also would like to express our gratitude to Claude D�ziel for generously offering some of his beautiful and historic photographs for raffle. Clearly, our friends are interested to take part in this type of event, and with the help of Tristan Roy, we will host similar initiatives in different areas served by the RTL in the future.

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