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Inspired by the Toronto Transportation Society, YUL Bus Charters is a small informal not-for-profit organization of two bus enthusiasts that organize bus fan charters in the Greater Montréal Area at least once a year. The YUL Bus Charter team has proven experience in providing the best charter opportunities available to the general public, following interesting and historic routes, and offering the best photo stop locations possible. Owing to the success of YUL Bus Charter 2006, the organizers once more would like to give transit enthusiasts the opportunity of yet another weekend bus charter.

Main Activities

This year, the organization is very proud to offer participants the following two choices.

The first charter for Saturday 5 May is that of a Societe de Transport de Laval 1988 MCI Classic in the 5800 series. At this stage, we will desire the lowest numbered bus possible. The significance of this bus is the following: the 5800 series Classics are the oldest operated by the STL, and these buses are among the oldest running in the Greater Montréal Area. These buses operate with authentic rollsigns, and the STL fleet's oldest buses will be retired shortly. Some participants may be interested in the fact that these buses operate with the same engines used by Fishbowls. The objective of this charter is to take this bus to the new metro stations, tour Laval, and sign the bus up on STL routes prior to the route changes of the month before.

The charter will last approximately 5 hours. We have scheduled a 30 minute lunch break. The charter will begin at Terminus Laval, Henri-Bourassa metro station at 10:30 a.m. The bus will be parked on rue Basile-Routhier. Participants are asked to arrive for 10 a.m., so that the charter can begin as quickly as possible.

YUL Bus Charters is proud to offer participants of this charter the opportunity to visit the Laval Transit Garage after the charter. After the end of the charter at Henri-Bourassa Metro Station, we will proceed directly to the garage. After the tour, participants must return to the metro by their own means. Bus service to the metro from the garage is convenient and relatively frequent.

We are very excited about the possibility of the first "Fishbowl" charter in the Greater Montréal Area since the year 2000. On Sunday 6 May, we intend to charter the Fondation de l'Héritage du Transport en Commun du Québec�s oldest GMC New Look, a 1972 T6H-5307N, numbered 14-008. Formerly of the CTCUM, the precursor to the Société de Transport de Montréal, this bus celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and we believe that we should celebrate its long life by a fan charter. This bus is historically significant: it is the oldest active �Fishbowl� in the Greater Montréal Area, and has been painted in the original CTCUM livery: brown. Also, this bus has a fully operational roll-sign authentic to 1972. This objective of this charter is to retrace some of the routes based out of Frontenac, Legendre, and Mont-Royal garages. This charter initiative on the island of Montréal has not been undertaken by the foundation, and YUL Bus Charter 2007 provides visitors to Montréal with this unique opportunity that ordinarily would not occur.

This charter will have a minimum duration of six hours, with a forty-five minute lunch break downtown. This charter begins at the STM Crémazie shops, 8845, boulevard Saint-Laurent (immediately north of boulevard Cremazie/Autoroute 40). This is a five minute walk west of Cremazie metro station (north entrance), with limited free parking available on the premises. We wish to depart from Cremazie at 10:30 a.m., therefore participants are strongly encouraged to arrive early.

YUL Bus Charter 2007 Subsidiary Activities

An Afternoon with Pyerre� � Friday 4 May

Join Société de Transport de Montréal driver Pyerre during his Friday afternoon rush hour shift!

"An Evening with Tristan" - Friday 4 May

Join Réseau de Transport de Longueuil driver Tristan during his Friday afternoon rush hour shift!

Note: In order to protect their privacy, details of the drivers� schedules will be limited to interested registered participants only. Please e-mail us if you wish to visit them.

"Welcome to the Laval Metro!" - Saturday or Sunday, after the charters

Interested participants may improvise a tour of the Laval Metro Stations for visitors from out of town after the charters.

"Nightfanning" - Saturday 5 May

Geared for the night owls! Join young participants on Saturday night between both charters and take in some of Montréal's night life. If there is interest, we will enjoy a few social drinks before the locals introduce visitors to the night bus system. This activity is not intended for minors. This activity will optimally take place between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. It is not recommended to take photos during this event. This activity is to be confirmed, should sufficient interest be generated.


The cost of attending both charters is 30 Canadian dollars. The same price will be charged regardless of whether a participant attends either of the charters or just one. Furthermore, please take advantage of early registration. After 1 May 2007, the cost of the charter increases by five dollars to 35 Canadian dollars.

All subsidiary activities are, of course, free (provided you can cover your fare to travel around).

Waiver Form

We have composed a waiver that all participants must read and sign. We prefer that you bring a signed copy of the waiver with you on the first day of the charter, to minimize on-site paperwork and thereby starting the charter and fun as soon as possible. We will not let you board without this crucial document. Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


The organizers reserve the right to limit or refuse admission.

Participants are expected to behave accordingly. Bad behaviour (examples include � but are not limited to � running dangerously across terminals or streets, getting in the way of people�s photos, playing with the roll-sign, and sitting in the driver�s seat) will not be tolerated and such participants may be dismissed as a result.

Contact Information

All reservations and queries should be made to the following e-mail address: yulbuscharter2007 [@] gmail.com. E-mail will be the primary mode of communication between the organizers and the participants. We will strive to protect every participant�s privacy.


We look forward to accommodating as many as 40 persons, thereby ensuring that everybody has a seat. An advance of funds by post guarantees your place in both charters at the preferential 30 dollar rate. Cheques are recommended, so that your funds will not be lost in the post. Montréalers wishing to reserve in advance may do so by meeting with Shanake Mario Seneviratne prior to the charter � please e-mail us to set this up.

Should you choose to cancel your reservation, please keep in mind that refunds cannot be reasonably made within close proximity of the event. You may cancel your reservation without penalty until a week prior to the first day of the charter. Should interest be lower than anticipated, we will cancel our FHTCQ �Fishbowl� charter and only hold the STL Classic charter on the first day (Saturday) instead, or we will reimburse in full those who made a reservation.


Payment can be made on the day of the first charter, but we stress that you arrive early. Please bring exact funds. Receipts will be provided, but only on request.

Also, please keep in mind that YUL Bus Charters is a not-for-profit organization. All profits will be offered to the FHTCQ, whose donations are used to preserve and maintain their small fleet, and possibly add to it.

        The YUL Bus Charter 2007 Team

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