Lucien L'Allier

Lucien L'Allier train station

The downtown terminal of the commuter trains to the Lakeshore was originally Windsor Station. Windsor station is a large stone railway station which was first constructed in 1888 and expanded over the years. Once a major intercity railway terminal as well as the head office of the Canadian Pacific Railway the station is considerably diminished in status.

In order to build the Molson Centre the tracks were removed from Windsor station and the train sheds partially torn down as well as one wing of Windsor station. Since only commuter trains use the station a new station was integrated into the new Molson Centre.

The new Windsor Terminus is located at the corner of Mountain and Legauchetiere Streets. With eight tracks in addition to a private car track the station is well equipped to handle the current daily commuter operations as well as any future expansions of the service. The ticket office is open daily and AMT tickets and train passes may be purchased as well as cash fares paid.

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