Windsor Station

In 1883 the CPR acquired the right to enter Montréal from the west and they quickly acquired a site on the recently laid out Dominion Square and acquired right of way. At this time the main CPR station was at Dalhousie Square which was in the east end of the city and in a location where development was quickly moving further to the north and west.

In June of 1887 construction began and in February 1889 the building was completed. The main station building included a waiting room, a ladies waiting room, a barber shop, a tub and shower room as well as company offices on the main and upper floors. Extending westward from the station were the train sheds.

By 1900 the building had outgrown the needs of the company and an extension was addded along LaGauchetiére St. The Maxwell Wing was named after Edward Maxwell the architect who designed the addition.

In 1906 more space was required and a stucco addition was built further west along LaGauchetiére St. This addition, because of the building material, became known as the "mud hut".

In 1912 a new expansion was completed along Windsor Street as far south as St. Antoine and the following year new tracks were laid into the station and a new glass topped concourse was constructed. This is the same corcourse present today.

Two further and final expansions were made in the 1950's. In 1953 the Express Wing was added which extended as far as west as Mountain St. along de LaGauchetiére and on St. Antoine Street the Telecommunications Wing was added in 1954.

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