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Quebec Tripper 2009

Please note that dates, times and vehicles are subject to change. All times are approximate.

Farewell to the STCUQ MCI Classic ArticulatedBuses - Saturday, June 6, 2021

YUL Bus Charters is offering a four hour fan trip in honour of the impending retirement of the MCI Classic Articulated buses. On Saturday, June 6th, we will visit various bus loops and terminals around the city. At these places, we will be signing up the bus on routes that rarely (if ever) operated the city's first articulated buses. If the articulated buses are both unavailable, we have requested a 1991 or 1992 MCI Classic in STCUQ livery.

Departing on Saturday, June 6th from 720 rue des Rocailles, Quebec City (in front of the RTC garage and head office) at 11:00am. Returning at 3:00pm.

Parking is available on rue des Rocailles. We do not suggest parking in the RTC employee lot

Cost: $30

YUL Bus Charters anticipates a heavy demand for tickets for this fan trip. Thus, only participants that have sent a notice of attendance via e-mail and paid will be allowed to board. We reserve the right to restrict and/or refuse admission.

Contact information: send an email to Shanake Mario Seneviratne at [email protected]

All YUL Bus Charter event participants (and/or parents/guardians of participants) are required to review and sign an Event Waiver Form prior to participating in an event.

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