2008 Charter

2008 Private Charter

Text and photos by Shanake Mario Seneviratne

In order to make amends for the rainy YUL Bus Charter 2006 with 1989 STM MCI Classic 59-019, YUL Bus Charters decided to organize another 59 series fan trip with the intention of signing up a few different exposures than those previously before seen. A few bus fans committed to sharing the costs of an expensive private bus charter. Out of the four buses remaining in the series, we were able to charter Garage Legendre's 59-005, the oldest numbered bus in the fleet.

Our charter day, 26 April, turned out to be bright and sunny. In order to maximize our time, the charter began at Garage Saint-Laurent. We then proceeded to Polyvalente émile-Legault and then the old Côte-Vertu bus terminal on Édouard-Laurin Blvd. which is now used exclusively by the STL. Afterwards, we headed off to Garage Legendre where the bus was signed up onto many routes operating out of this division. A quick jaunt to NDG allowed us to stop at the bus terminals of Villa-Maria and Vendôme Metro Stations before we traveled to our last stop, Garage LaSalle. Many great photo opportunities were available here, and the group photo was proudly taken in front of the STM's most modern garage. We then returned to Garage Saint-Laurent where we were able to take pictures in the repair and retired buses lineup, which also include our first charter bus, 59-019.

Thanks to all who participated in this private charter. With numbers like this, we can be sure that there will be many more initiatives like this in the future.

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