AMT - Bombardier Bilevels Enter Service - 2021-02-20

On February 20, 2021 the first of the new Bombardier bilevel commuter coaches entered service on AMT's Lakeshore line. AMT offered free rides to introduce the new equipment to the public.

The consist of the train was:

  • cab coach 2001
  • coach 2021
  • coach 2020
  • coach 2022
  • coach 2023
  • coach 2024
  • locomotive 1321

The first inbound and outbound trains were full and many rail fans were among the passengers.

20050220-amt-01 20050220-amt-02 20050220-amt-03
20050220-amt-04 20050220-amt-05 20050220-amt-06
20050220-amt-07 20050220-amt-08 20050220-amt-09
20050220-amt-10 20050220-amt-11 20050220-amt-12
20050220-amt-13 20050220-amt-14 20050220-amt-15

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