Doney Spur related photos and other stuff.

Doney Spur related photos and other stuff

  Photographs and text © 2007

  As a result of various posts on the Montrain list, James Hay and myself decided to start documenting the Doney Spur and other things relating to the Doney Spur. The first part will be the current western end (as of August 2007) by Rue Holiday behind the Terrarium Shopping Centre (located at the corner of Boulevard St-Jean and Boulevard Hymus).  We hope to include some more updates as we go along so bookmark the url and check us regularly.  We are planning to do something about the area around Delmar Avenue, Sources Boulevard and possibly the Côte St-François Spur when we have time.

Doney Spur items

  Photographs by Vernon E. Ikeda and James R. Hay
  Photographs and text © 2007

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