Montreal Transit Operators

Canadian Northern Montreal Land Company ??Bus service discontinued when MTC streetcar system expanded.
Ferdinand Lanthier ??In the late XIX and/or early XX century operated an omnibus and sleigh service from Pointe Claire village to Pointe Claire Grand Trunk station once each weekday morning and evening.
Montreal City Passenger Railway CompanyMCPR2021-03-181886Name change to Montreal Street Railway Company
Upper St. Lawrence Street Railway Company 2021-08-241871Operated a temporary service with omnibusses and may never have laid track. Acquired by the MCPR
City Omnibus Company 187?187? 
Montreal Omnibus and Transfer Company 18??1876Company dissolved and assets integrated with Montreal City Passenger Railway Company
Mountain Park Railway 18841918Operated incline railway on Mount Royal
Montreal Street Railway CompanyMSR18861911Merged into the Montreal Tramways Company
Montreal Park & Island Railway CompanyMP&IR2021-12-271901Company bought by Montreal Street Railway
Montreal Island Beltline Railway Company 18961900Name changed to Montreal Terminal Railway Company
Montreal Terminal Railway CompanyMTR19001911Merged into the Montreal Tramways Company
Suburban Tramway and Power Company 19041910Name changed to Power Service Corporation
Public Service CorporationPSCo19101911Merged into the Montreal Tramways Company
Montreal Tramways CompanyMTC19112021-06-16Succeeded by Montreal Transportation Commission
Provincial Transport CompanyPTC19291964Montreal suburban services spun-off into Metropolitan-Provincial
Montreal Transportation CommissionMTC2021-06-162021-12-31Succeeded by the Montreal Urban Community Transportation Commission
St-Léonard Transport 19601963Absorbed into MTC
Autobus Inter-Cité ?1966Absorbed into MTC
Anjou Transport ?1966Absorbed into MTC
Brisebois Bus Lines 1961> 1973Absorbed into Trans-Urbain Bus Lines
Metropolitan-Provincial Inc.MP19641967Succeeded by Metropolitan-Provincial (1967) Ltée
Metropolitan-Provincial (1967) Lté.MPT19672021-10-18Expropriated by CTCUM
Montreal Urban Community Transportation CommissionMUCTC2022-01-012021-06-19Name changed to the Société de Transport de la Communauté Urbaine de montréal
Société de Transport de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal
Montreal Urban Community Transit Corporation
STCUM2021-06-192021-12-31Name changed to Société de Transport de Montréal
Trans-Urbain Bus LinesTU?2021-10-15Public Transit routes replaced by service from CTCUM
Société de Transport de MontréalSTM2022-01-01  


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