Metropolitan Provincial (1967) Inc. - West Island Services c1980

Line # Line Designation Service Area Service Notes Comments (service post-1980)
1e Chateauguay-Lachine-Dorval Shopping Centre Chateauguay (Parkview), Lachine, Dorval Avenue east to Lachine border Weekedays only, to Dorval AM (one trip), to Chateauguay PM (one trip) Service continued by MUCTC. Likely terminated sometime in 1982.
19 Ste-Genevieve/Ile-Bizard Henri-Bourassa Metro, Salaberry Blvd., Gouin Blvd., loop to Ile-Bizard, Ste-Genevieve (Gouin & Nanterre) Monday-Sunday (6 to 12 departures each day, depending on day of service) Service continued by MUCTC. Most patronage lost to parallel MUCTC route # 68. Terminated fall 1981 or winter 1982.
21 Dorion-Vaudreuil Terminus Voyageur, Dorchester (now Rene-Levesque), Atwater, Sherbrooke, Lachine, all Lakeshore municipalities between Dorval and Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Ile Perrot, Dorion, Vaudreuil Monday-Sunday (30 minutes or better on weekdays, hourly Saturday and Sunday; 2 major routings between Montreal West and Pointe-Claire --> via Lachine industrial park and Lakeshore or via Highway 20 to Cartier Avenue; weekday short turns to Pointe-Claire or Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue; every second weekday trip terminated in Dorion Service continued by MUCTC. After creation of MUCTC route #211 in March 1982, routing was changed to Highway 20 on Island of Montreal and no local passengers were carried between points on the Island of Montreal.�Last day of service was Dec. 31, 1983.�Service was operated by Autobus Deshais Ltee from Jan. 1, 1984 to sometime in late 1980s.
21b Rigaud Extension of Line 21 west of Vaudreuil to Hudson; some mainly express highway trips from Terminus Voyageur to Rigaud (College Bourget) Two weekday round trips Hudson-Montreal; plus school year service Montreal-Rigaud (primarily Friday evening eastbound and Sunday evening westbound) Service continued by MUCTC.� Reports in local West Island newpaper suggested Rigaud trips were never actually operated.�Trips to Hudson did run.�Terminated Dec. 31, 1983.
21e Ste-Genevieve Followed Line 21 from Montreal to Sources Blvd. or St. John's Blvd., north to Gouin, west to Ste-Genevieve (Gouin & Nanterre) Weekdays only, to Montreal AM (2 trips), to Ste-Genevieve PM (2 trips) Service continued by MUCTC. Terminated in late 1981 or early 1982.
93 Dorval Local Local trips from Dorval Shopping Centre, along several different routings, to 56th Avenue (Lachine), Cote-de-Liesse industrial park, and Dorval city between Dorval Avenue and Sources Blvd. Monday-Sunday (infrequent service - approximately 1 trip every two hours) Service terminated by MUCTC on account of latter's expansion to West Island.�Service replaced by several MUCTC local routes.
Notes: Table prepared by Allan Clark
MUCTC = Montreal Urban Community Transit Commission
Metropolitan Provincial was expropriated by the MUCTC in October 1980.

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