Hochelaga Car Barn

The Hochelaga Division was the main car shop for the Montreal Street Railway, predecessor to the Montreal Tramways Company, until 1913 when the Youville Shops were opened. The facility was on Notre Dame St. between the then Harbour and Bercy Streets (previously de Levis St.) with a second building north of Ste. Catherine St. in the block then occupied by the Montreal Light, Heat &anp; Power Co. gas works.

The facility was immediately west of the CPR Hochelaga shops and while Harbour St. is now du Havre, Bercy Street has disappeared. Ste. Catherine St. also goes through the block while it did not in 1890 as shown by the 1890 Goad Atlas of Montreal. In I.R.Thomas Grumley's book Montreal Streetcars (Volume 1) is a photo on page 33 which shows an 1898 date on one of the sheds. Likely this building is one built to replace the several buildings shown in the 1890 Goad Atlas. The 1907 Pinsoneault Atlas shows a different configuration for the shop buildings and St. Catherine Street having been built.

Further east on the north side of Notre Dame and on the east side of the then Raymond St. was the MTC power house which was built sometime between 1907 and 1912.

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