St-Henri Car Barn

The St. Henri garage was located at the corner of De Courcelles and St. Antoine Streets. It was originally a streetcar division and was the home of the original bus division in 1925.

The 1907 Pinsoneault Atlas of Montreal shows the MSR car barn on the then St. Elizabeth de Portugal St. (now De Courcelle) and St. Antoine on the northeast corner. The 1890 Goad Atlas of Montreal does not show the later car barn but an earlier pair of wooden structures on the south side of the then Notre Dame St. (now St. Antoine). The buildings are now long gone and the western of the two was located where Chestnut St. was built, later des Noyers with a second wooden building to the east of it. There was a third smaller building at the street on the wastern edge of the property where des Noyers Street meets the current St. Antoine. The back of these horse car barns would probably have been south of Cazelais St.

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